Today’s cloud-based VoIP solutions are high-performing, low-cost powerhouses. Those such as the solutions from DirectNet take advantage of cutting-edge platform architecture to ensure they never let you down. Nowadays when most of the working world is either at a standstill or operating remotely, it’s never been more essential that we maintain quality, effective communications.

Let’s explore some critical benefits of VoIP for remote workers – including their employers.

Deploy Anywhere, Perform Just the Same

One of the biggest misconceptions of working from home is that there are “sacrifices.” Let’s look at this more closely: most of us have a computer at a minimum, home internet service (usually wireless) and a smartphone with a decent data plan. VoIP takes advantage of these technologies rather than ask employees to readjust their entire home office, utilizing an internet connection to perform calls rather than a dedicated line. There’s no rewiring or dedicated hardware required as a result, meaning you can deploy workers anywhere necessary – even out on the road!

Reduced Operating Costs

If you don’t need a large office space, why be stuck with massive monthly rental payments for it? For many employers, VoIP for remote teams is just as effective as any in-person meeting. If the drastically reduced communications costs weren’t enough, you can also downsize to a smaller office that has room for key workers and critical meeting spaces, if required. The savings can then be increased tenfold, especially considering how astronomical office rental rates can be.

Retention and a Flexible Future

There are some employees who simply aren’t going to risk coming back to the office during this pandemic; usually, they or other members of their household are at a higher risk of complications. Many also save on money and time, the latter of which they will be more enticed to give you as thanks for not making lengthy, stressful commutes necessary. If your team can perform just as efficiently remotely, there’s no real “need” to round everyone up and bring them in – especially if they’re performing even better than before! As for necessary socialization and events, those can always be held no matter what, and not just at the office.

Want to learn more about the benefits of cloud-based VoIP solutions for remote teams? We at DirectNet are well-versed in these systems through designing, implementing and supporting them entirely in-house for years. Contact us today to get started.