Secure and well-established cloud-based VoIP network connectivity helps businesses in the telecommunications marketplace meet growing demand. With DirectNet’s B2B VoIP technology, outsourcing for these services has never been more cost-effective. Businesses working with DirectNet are easily able to save on their telecommunications expenses. Here are a few key ways that outsourcing VoIP can help businesses reduce costs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

DirectNet delivers VoIP services with fast fault recovery through redundancy, maximum performance resiliency, and unprecedented speed. The carrier-grade architecture we’ve implemented is designed for consistently high performance and maximum reliability. We only deliver the best and have set the new standard with our service quality, which eliminates maintenance downtime. The result is reduced expense involving maintenance and lost profit potential. With outsourced VoIP services that are fast, high-performing, and resilient, businesses can reach their customers without fault.

Optimized IT Resources

Allow DirectNet to handle setting up and maintaining your voice network, and you’ll be able to reallocate your IT resources better. Without these support individuals needing to attend to your network, they can be made available to perform other tasks in your business. With fast fault recovery through redundancy and our highly scalable cloud services, DirectNet’s VoIP services help you optimize IT resources to save on expenses.

Fewer Employees Needed

By outsourcing your wholesale VoIP services to DirectNet, there will be no need to hire and retain extra employees to handle or maintain them. Our B2B voice platform is designed so you can be up and running quickly, without any hassle. When you outsource to DirectNet, we deliver all necessary functions and components to establish and operate a voice network for your operations. In doing so, you can worry less about the technical details and focus on growing your business.

A Single-Source Solution

Many businesses opt for working with multiple vendors for their voice services. However, different perspectives and complications resulting from multiple organizations working together can be problematic. By outsourcing to a singular, experienced company such as DirectNet, businesses can bundle their service payments to avoid needless extra expense.

Reduced Operational Costs and Call Costs

DirectNet’s VoIP services are a more affordable alternative to long-distance or international calls on landlines or mobile phones; calls can be made from PC to PC within the same network instead. Additionally, separate networks for data and voice communications are no longer needed – everything can be efficiently managed from a desktop system. Finally, consider the cost of line extensions for PBX and other key systems. DirectNet extended voice services can be run directly from computer systems, and businesses can switch the use from cellular to local wi-fi.

We are a 100% Canadian-owned and operated B2B voice service provider and a recognized leader in cloud-based VoIP solutions in Canada. Contact us today to learn how we can maximize your communications efficiency.