Reliable Internet service is more crucial than ever for businesses to remain successful. And with the telecommunications and internet markets becoming increasingly competitive today, for ISPs to stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be actively offering voice. To acquire true commercial success, offering a quality service with expertise and customer support is imperative for building meaningful relationships with businesses, and retaining their business. At DirectNet, our award-winning platforms provide a comprehensive wholesale cloud-based voice solution that enables service providers to simplify operations, enhance profitability, and focus on growing their business instead of building a voice network. If you’re wondering how ISPs benefit from wholesale voice, here are a few primary points to take note of.

Offer Consistent High-Quality Service

Customers need and expect high-quality service in today’s digital world – especially with so much of their business relying on the service you’re providing. To retain and grow your customer base and profitability, you need to offer consistent, high-quality service. Whether an ISP has owned and established assets, or is without local infrastructure, working with a reliable, scalable, and experienced partner is a must to survive in the tech world today.

Lower Your Costs

Another crucial way that ISPs benefit from B2B wholesale voice is in reduced capital expenditures. With DirectNet’s wholesale platform, we guarantee to lower your costs by reducing both the capital and human resources that you need to deliver voice to your customer base.

One Complete Hassle-Free Solution

When you partner with DirectNet’s wholesale voice platform, you can enjoy a complete, unified solution for your telecommunication needs. By having only one vendor and one bill to deal with, you can enjoy a hassle-free solution that simplifies the entire process for your business.

Preserve Customer Satisfaction

With advanced security features, reliable networks, and continuous innovation and feature development from our team with over 90 years of combined experience, you can provide the best subscriber experience to preserve and enhance customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for the best quality wholesale voice platforms that can be bundled with existing Internet services at the lowest possible price, DirectNet is your complete one-stop-shop for delivering user-friendly portals for both staff and end users. With processing of over 420 million minutes annually and DID’s available to over 1,000 cities and towns coast to coast, we have hundreds of satisfied, loyal customers from across Canada who depend on the leading name in the industry to help grow their business.

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