Managed Service Providers, otherwise known as MSPs, are the glue that holds modern telecom solutions together. They’re your problem-solvers, hassle-free installers and dedicated support team all under one convenient point of contact. A single email or phone call can ensure you’re not only up and running but operating smoothly with maximum uptime.

However, that’s not all that is needed to ensure lasting performance capability and scalability. The service itself needs to be up to the task. DirectNet is one such example, and we take the guesswork and hassle out of cloud-based communications for MSPs and their clients. Here are some key reasons why, together, we can elevate cloud telecom services for the better.

Carrier-Grade Security and Platform Architecture

DirectNet is built on state-of-the-art software engineering that ensures maximum possible uptime – up to 99.96 percent. In addition, since we handle everything ourselves with no middleman, the connected devices and networks of MSP clients are better protected against cyber threats. Plus, we ourselves carry out any necessary patches or updates to ensure the strongest possible defences at all times. 

Cloud Services with Effective, Proactive Support

MSPs can count on services such as DirectNet thanks to our 24/7/365 NOC support services, giving you immediate access to well-informed experts who know what they’re doing. Ours know the ins and outs of our platform because they help us manage it all in house, delivering peace of mind to you and your clients. We can help you set up multiple DIDs and implement SIP trunks, perform diagnostics and servicing, and much more. 

Easy Integration with Remote Solutions

Nowadays, most of us are working from home. Choosing the right telecommunications provider – one who understands and can accommodate the needs of remote workers – means a more painless transition to virtualized client operations. From authentication to permissions management, data privacy and more, MSPs can count on having a flexible, crisis-ready operation with no communications failure points.

Communications solutions such as DirectNet bring peace of mind and greater scalability, flexing and adapting to the needs of the modern business. Being able to trust in the performance of any telephony services you provide ensures greater client retention and satisfaction, along with an improved reputation. To learn more, contact our team at DirectNet today. We’re happy to help MSPs implement cloud-based telephony solutions that make sense for their customers and bottom line.