At DirectNet, we provide secure and well-established cloud-based voice infrastructure with local connectivity and global reach to satisfy the growing demands of businesses in the evolving telecommunications marketplace. With 90 years of combined NextGen Telecom experience and hundreds of satisfied customers across Canada, let us show you how we can benefit and improve your business operations too.

Carrier-Grade Architecture for Maximum Performance

We deliver only the best, and that means maximum performance resiliency, fast fault recovery through redundancy, and the elimination of maintenance downtime to ensure the highest level of data integrity.

Lowest Price to Deliver Voice, Guaranteed

We provide the most cost-effective cloud-based service so that you can monetize and optimize the voice of your operations while reducing time, capital, and human resources.

Quick and Easy Set-Up & On-Boarding Processes

Our comprehensive voice platform has everything you need to get up and running fast. We deliver all of the necessary functions and components that let us establish a voice network for your operations so that you can focus on growing your business.

24x7x365 NOC Supported Services

Industry leading experts are available anytime you need them to handle whatever problems your business throws our way.

Advanced Multi-Layer Security

With our multi-layered defense and fraud detection system, our voice and web services are thoroughly safeguarded to protect your sensitive data.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

With our commitment to innovation and improvement, we continuously strive to deliver superior quality control to exceed customer satisfaction. Our cloud-based services are reliable, highly scalable, secure, and dedicated to providing the best subscriber experience.

One-Stop-Shop to Suit Your Needs

For easy, integrated telephony and collaboration services, DirectNet is your one-stop-shop for everything you need – one vendor, one bill, no hassle.

Branding to Maintain Your Identity

We offer branding services through self-care URL, voicemail to email, and company URL so that you can maintain your corporate identity.

Increase Service Agility

With continuous innovation and feature development, we work as a team to build long-lasting customer relationships to meet your growing demands.

Canadian Owned and Operated

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated with our headquarters located in Waterloo, Ontario, and our primary switch center and NOC located in Toronto. As a recognized leader of cloud-based VoIP solutions in Canada, and with DID’s available to over 1,000 cities and towns coast to coast, we ensure regulatory compliance and corporate governance, and proudly serve hundreds of loyal, satisfied customers across the country.