Sourcing direct inward dialing (DID) services from an experienced, capable provider with a reputation for best-in-class support is the best choice one can make nowadays. Today’s telephony needs are different from those of yesteryear, and cost creep is a real pain point for those using legacy solutions. By switching to DID, when combined with the new standard of cloud-based VoIP, you can say goodbye to high communications costs.

Today, let’s explore how that happens in more detail.

Affordable External and Free Internal Calling

If you’re using a DID, you don’t have to worry about international calling cost fluctuations. And, when in use internally, you don’t have to pay a thing, helping your team get more done without having to stress your operational finances. Even if you handle a lot of outgoing call traffic to other countries, you’ll still experience a considerable reduction in price each and every month. No more OCD over PTSN expenses is a serious win for everyone!

Breathe New Life into Legacy Equipment – No Upgrade Required!

If you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or traditional desktop (and we’re certain you do if you’re running a modern business), then fear not – you won’t have to swap your equipment out for something fancy and proprietary. All you need is a stable internet connection capable of handling the communications traffic in question for DID service provisioning. If anything, you likely have more devices ready for cloud-based VoIP calls than you realize, and there’s always the option of investing in addition equipment including headsets or speakerphones. 

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Billing

Tired of worrying about maintenance costs and repairing legacy communications networking? We don’t blame you, and it’s why DirectNet has pioneered a carrier-grade, no-nonsense alternative with our cloud-based platform. Using DIDs with VoIP means there’s no need to upgrade wiring or interfere with operations just for a system update – everything just works so you can get to work. Along with clear reception with every call, 24/7/365 NOC support services and more, you don’t need to set aside extra funds for network maintenance emergencies any longer. 

Ready-to-Add Features as You Need Them

Solutions such as DirectNet come with everything you need to get started when requesting DIDs, and our team is here to discuss your specific B2B needs in more detail to recommend any additional features. Add them when you need them, keeping costs low while ensuring an optimal telephony experience for your operations. Whether porting numbers, provisioning local DIDs for portability needs or managing CNAME caller ID storage, there are plenty of choices – and they’re yours to make.

Want to learn more about cloud-based VoIP and DIDs? We’re happy to assist at DirectNet. Get in touch with the team today to explore our service options!