Businesses thrive on a successful, dependable communications connections to operate successfully. Therefore, they turn to service providers such as us at DirectNet for the best-quality wholesale telephony services possible. With innovative technology and decades of industry experience, we establish a new standard that helps B2B connectivity. Here are some key reasons why communication quality is so vital to business operations.


High-quality VoIP service is far more resilient and future-proofed than older technology. It is also faster. This allows for a business to maintain peak operational efficiency by cutting down on downtimes, upgrading telephony services to meet modern-day business environments, and reduce the amount of maintenance needed. Performance will increase, as will service effectiveness. Without efficient communication, there is disruption and eventually a complete failure of operations.


No matter who they are, the relationships established with your clients are what your business is built on. It’s what drives it further as well. A strong, reliable, and high-quality communications network between them and you allows for better networking through less stress and hassle.


The day-to-day operating costs of your business are heavily impacted by communications-based expenses. By migrating to services that are more resilient and built around quality connections, you’ll save in the long run on expenses pertaining to service repairs. IT fees don’t have to always be high – simply switch to VoIP cloud-based communications solutions to see an increase in dependability and a sharp drop in downtime as well as the costs that come with it.

VoIP communications are far more affordable than traditional landline networks, and they are also much more reliable. They provide greater flexibility and call management, leading to an all-around more resilient and worthwhile investment for your company. By opting for IP PBX or free hosted PBX, you can expect better results and greater satisfaction.

Directnet specializes in the delivery of wholesale, cloud-based VoIP B2B solutions. We have the years of experience and industry-leading technical innovations to help your business succeed. With the best possible service at the best possible price, we are the new standard. Processing over 420 million minutes annually, we’re very familiar with best practices to ensure a resilient, dependable, and cost-effective business communications solution. For more information about our wholesale VoIP services, contact us today.