Because you are here it means you are already interested in VoIP. And you are on the right route! This technology is spreading worldwide as fast as a word of mouth. Why? First of all because it is cheap and at the same time efficient. But beginners usually are afraid to go into too technical issues, and that can make them stay away from a cheaper option for the same service as they use. Here at Directnet, we make sure the beginning VoIP users are not hindered by the basic questions they may have and that they have certainty they can operate VoIP successfully. Uncertainty breeds fear and doubt. With Directnet you will have none of that. If you have any questions now or then, Directnet has 24/7 Customer Support Centre ready to instruct you or to answer your questions. With Directnet you will solve any issue related to your VoIP.

So let’s assume you have finally decided to try VoIP services. What are some basic questions you may have and how are they answered? Follow the text below:

Question: Will I have the same or better sound quality with VoIP as I had with conventional telephone lines?

Answer: Yes, you will have not only the same quality but even better one. But because VoIP relies on Internet, then your Internet provider becomes the crucial reason whether your VoIP will be as good as landline or not. In any case, there is always the option to change the provider. The other point is that your equipment must be properly set, in any case, you can ask you VoIP service provider to connect your VoIP system directly to the modem, which will boost the connection and thus the quality.

Question: Can there ever be any negative situations related to VoIP?

Answer: Yes, for example, if electricity or Internet is gone, then you will not have VoIP. But this is not going to happen to you, is it? Unless of course, you plan to use VoIP in Amazon river or some African desert, where there may be problems in Internet availability. Plus, many VoIP providers may not include the visit of an expert to set up your equipment at your location. So you have to ask if this service is included in the price or you have to set it yourself.

Question: Can there be any complications, if I use VoIP to call emergency services?

Answer: Yes, because in some countries (for example in the Canada) the registered address of the caller automatically appears on the operator’s PC screen. So if you for some reason did not manage to give the exact address of your present location (say there is an emergency and an emotional 911 call), then the ambulance will come to your registered address, and not to the hotel you are in at present.

Question: What is the very minimum Internet speed for having normal VoIP?

Answer: In reality not huge Internet speed is needed for VoIP (around 100 kilobits for both call directions). Anyway, you must also consider to have a bigger bandwidth if you plan to use Internet as such alongside VoIP services. So it is important to have a good router, but an upload speed around 512 kps would be OK. Also, stability is paramount for VoIP, so even if you have little Internet, anyway it must be stable so that VoIP would not be interrupted. There are some technologies to make sure VoIP runs smoothly, one example is Quality of Service (QoS).