Can DirectNet handle taking on more customers?

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It’s understandable to have reservations about a 100-percent Canadian owned and operated provider maintaining peak network uptime as it takes on more customers. However, fear not, as our network has been specially designed from the ground up to be fully redundant, flexible, and ready to handle plenty of traffic. That means no stressing over sharing bandwidth [...]

How does DirectNet help me save money on telephony?

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Business operators and residential users of legacy systems overlook the number-one cause of high bills other than poor pricing: Technical hiccups. Expenses tied to managing in-house IT services, network rewiring or otherwise can cost a tremendous amount over time, and that’s before taking into account expenses tied to maintaining older systems when more affordable alternatives already [...]

What pricing options for cloud-based VoIP are available?

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We believe in offering fair pricing with only features that are useful to modern businesses and residential customers, so there’s no fluff. Fully managed residential VoIP is offered by us for as low as under 5 dollars a month – and that includes DIDs even though it’s our lowest-priced option. As you go further up the [...]

Why is it better to choose an all-in-house VoIP provider?

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The more hands that are at the wheel, the more your communications solution is going to veer off course. At DirectNet, we take charge and handle everything ourselves to keep your telephony solution performing at its peak, cutting out the middleman and the hassle. You’ll experience the finest, most attentive support available, faster maintenance and upgrades [...]