We’re all about delivering simplified voice for less here at DirectNet. That said, sometimes there are terms that can confuse or frustrate even the most experienced business customers. We want to ensure that all B2B customers know what they’re getting out of our wholesale VoIP package, and that begins with a clear understanding of common telecom terms to ensure transparency. We want to ensure you have the facts (as well as great service), so today, let’s go over a few more of these terms for your convenience.  

Communications Assistant

Otherwise known as a Comms Assistant, this is an individual who coordinates telephony service between text telephone users, users of sign language or individuals with speech disabilities through a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS). They effectively allow individuals with hearing or speech impairments to communicate on the phone with others at no added cost.

Enhanced Service Providers

Enhanced service providers like DirectNet are companies that enable business customers to transmit voice and data messages at a highly competitive value. This typically represents streamlined, more efficient and simplified service that is more resilient.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

This is a service provided by an ISP or cloud-based VoIP provider. It allows you to dial a 10-digit phone number and reach a specific extension of a business-based communications system for simplified user operation.

Number Portability

This is a term used to describe your ability to keep an existing phone number when switching voice communications service providers. It also represents switching while being able to keep the same level of service in terms of quality and dependability.


Unbundling represents specific access that a local exchange carrier will provide. This access allows for other service providers to buy or lease various network elements to better serve their own subscribers.

PBX Exchange

Otherwise known as a Private Branch Exchange, this is a phone switching system that can typically be found in businesses instead of a traditional provider office location.


Trunks are separate channels or circuits that can be grouped together. DirectNet’s SIP Trunking incorporates such grouping with resilient, simplified service for your inbound and outbound voice calls.

These are just a few of the many popular and common telecom terms used today. At DirectNet, we offer a simplified solution that aims to clarify your business’ communication needs and clear away the clutter. Contact us today for further details about our wholesale VoIP services.