Officially launched at the National Franchise & Business Opportunity Show in Toronto in September 2013, Telco2GO™ is the telecommunication industry’s first turnkey digital voice distribution solution, allowing approved Independent Business Operators (IBO’s) to deliver a branded Residential and SOHO telephone service with full features at market leading retail pricing, while generating unprecedented margin for the IBO.

Qualified IBO’s target their marketing & business development efforts on affinity groups, clubs & associations, business and trade publications, registered charities and other significant customer groups.

Each IBO is provided a branded website, and through the Telco2GO™ web portal, full account subscription, billing functions and customer service & support facilities are provided. IBO’s are free of administrative burden and can focus exclusively on development of their subscription base.

Through the IBO’s branded website, their end users enjoy access to a web portal to manage call handling, voicemail, voicemail to email and other features.

Telco2GO™ allows IBO’s to generate significant sustainable new revenue streams of $5,000-10,000 per month or more – with no franchise costs, royalties or ongoing fees.

To apply to become an IBO or to learn more about Telco2GO™, visit